A 100 years are enough.

In 1919, deportation detention was introduced in Bavaria out of antisemitic motivation. A 100 years have passed and thousands of people were incarcerated without having done anything criminal. We think: a 100 year are more than enough! It's more than time that detention without a crime turns into history.

Us, As contact group for people in deportation detention Dresden, want to send a joint signal with you and demonstrate: to imprison people seeking protection is the crime! Freedom is taken from people who escaped, who did nothing except for seeking asylum.

The effects for inmates are catastrophic. In the short period of our counselling activities ever since December 2018, this was proven already. An incarcerated father went to hunger strike. He protested against his scheduled deportation. After a short time he went ever weaker. Still: no court was willing to recognize that he was neither able to be detained nor able to travel, i.e. he couldn't board a plane. No court was willing to recognize that his family, including his unborn child, is constitutionally protected by the state. That a family shouldn't be torn apart. In the end he was deported to Morroco on January 31st, 2019. His daughter and his pregnant wife were left here.

This is only one of many stories that are written by deportation detention. Ever since a 100 years. We have to expect more of these stories, in Dresden as well. The 100 year old history of deportation detention is continued here as well. A history that counts the death of people. Every additional day with deportation detention being enforced is one day too many. Let's protest for the end of deportation detention, that it turns into history.

We think: not everything that's legal, is legitimate!

In the whole republic, actions will start from May 10th to 12th. In front of every deportation jail, demonstrations and actions will take place.

We'll start in Dresden in front of Bahnhof Neustadt at 2pm. From there, we'll carry our protest towards the prison on Hamburger Straße.

Join our protest and participate in the action days!